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Frequently Asked Questions

1Services offered by MyPNRAlerts.com

MyPNR provides the following services.
      a- You can view your Indian Railway PNR status.
      b- You can get instant status by sending a simple SMS to MyPNR.
      c- You can create alert for your PNR number to receive status change alerts.
      d- You can create alerts for Seat Availability status change notifications.
      e- You can create Train Running Status Alerts.
      f- You can view passing by Trains from your station.
      g- You can view current booking availability in trains leaving from a station.

2Payment related to services

MyPNRAlerts only charge for the SMS Alerts sent to you.

3Creating alert for confirmed ticket.

Yes, you can create alert for your confirmed tickets also. In this case, we will track for any last minute status changes and we will also update you on train running status.

4Mobile Numbers/Emails distributed to third parties?

We will not share your contact or any other details. For more information, please read our privacy policies.

5Editing account details

Incase if you want to edit your account then please go to MY PROFILE section.

6Still have something to ask?

If you have something to ask then please drop a mail to admin@mypnralerts.com

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