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0812-13No more FREE SMS Alerts

Yes, It took me a very hard time in taking this decision. Did you know, one single SMS costs around 20-25 paise. Consider the burden on us sending thousands of SMS per day and Yes, all these expenses are incurred by me. I hope you know that mypnralerts is not a company, it is just s simple website started by me and I donot have any aim to monetize this website.

However, I do aim to provide the SMS Alerts service again if you are ready to pay for it. Very soon, I am going to launch a platform where in you can buy SMS credits and those credits will be used to deliver SMS Alerts to you. Just to let the new users know that for the last 22 months we delivered this service completely FREE.

0403-13New Design Again

Yes, this is the day we launched our new design www.mypnralerts.com . This website has the enhanced look and feel in compared to the old one.

2002-13Completed one Glorious year

It's 20th Feb, the day this website took birth exactly one year ago. Feeling proud that I have developed this website. A lot to do in next year :-)

2002-13Launch of our New Domain

We migrated to new domain and are now available on www.mypnralerts.com.

1301-13MyPNR got featured on a blog - HoriDhania.com

This marks our fourth featuring on Internet. HoriDhania.com is a blog that mainly focuses on Finance and Travel, but this time they started to go for featuring Startups and Motivational story.

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0301-13Relaunch - "Train Running Status Alert" feature

After a disastrous malfunction on the original launch date i.e 1st of Jan, we relaunched it again on 3rd Jan will full functionality support. We were all set to launch this feature on 1st Jan and just a few hours before, we discovered that the Indian Railway websites were not responding.

2612-12Featured on Intuit.in

Ahaaa..It was Jingles all the way and we too got our Christmas gift. The year was about to end and we were featured on Intuit

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2711-12Featured on a blog - EYuva.com - Soul of Geeks

EYuva is a blog run by a very young geek. This blog mainly focuses on technology related area.

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2210-12Featured on YourStory.in

This was the day, when MyPNR got featured for the first time in its very short period. Yourstory is a blog which focuses on Startups and Technology.

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2009-12Feature Launch - "Seat Availability Alert"

Not sure about you, but many people doesnot even know the importance of this feature. You often get waitlisted ticket for your journey. This can be because you go for reservation very late or your Journey date was finalised very late.

Here you go!! We present you the "Seat Av Alert" feature. Create Av alerts for all your tentative dates of journey and get the decreasing availability status by EMAIL & SMS. You will now know when to make reservation to get confirm tickets.

0108-12New Website Design

Change becomes the need with time. We started with very basic website design and slowly we realised that we need new design to address the user properly and to add new features.

2002-12Launch of MyPNR.in - The Birth

Finally the D-Day. MyPNR.in was launched on this date with just one feature i.e "PNR Status Alert"

2011-11Idea Conceived

This was the day when we first thought of this Idea. The idea to eliminate people burden of checking PNR status. The idea to consider your problem as ours. The idea to do work on your behalf and allow you to sit back & relax.

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